Austin Allen James

Austin Allen James
Austin Allen JamesArtist
Austin A. James was born in Putnam, CT. He lived the first six years of his life in Bennington, VT before moving to Houston, TX in 1973. Austin has lived most of his life since 1973 in Houston, TX.

Austin Allen James is an artist, poet, college professor, and father of two. He lives, teaches, and creates in Houston, Texas. Austin James’ creations are one of a kind and seek to capture energy, movement and color in harmonious compositions. The artist and his team work diligently to produce unique handmade products that are both innovative and accessible.

  • I work in crushed pigments, oils, acrylic, resins and mixed media.  The art is ethereal and organic by nature.

  • I love color, movement and lyricism in my art.  My art is Diaphanous and ghostly; allowing for spheres of meditation.  Each piece mimics “motion standing in place”.

  • I employ resin in order to create an altered and present reality.  Resin pushes a successful painting to create a feel of stepping through a looking glass into a secret scene: a captured world.

  • My mission in art is to continue the tradition of the color field and lyrical abstractionist painters of the 20th century and contribute to the development of form through experimentation with techniques and materials.